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Untold Launches ‘Rum for the Restless’

Untold Launches ‘Rum for the Restless’

Spiced rum brand Untold has announced the launch of ‘Rum for the Restless’ – a collaboration that sees it partner with leading Australian bartenders and artists to create bespoke cocktails and artwork in the name of ‘restlessness’.

Emerging from Melbourne’s underground bar scene in late 2017, Untold was created by a collective of bartenders and artists who were eager to create an unconventional rum, made to mix, and act as a blank canvas for everyone to build their own experiences.

Creators of the unique blend include former owner of The Beaufort and bartender Dave Kerr, Oscar Eastman of new venue Lay Low (formally of Eau de Vie), Black Pearl’s Nathan Beasley, and owner of Old Mate’s Place, Dre Walters.

The partners didn’t want to anchor Untold to the cliche of a masculine, pirate-inspired spiced rum. The result was a premium, two-to-three-year aged golden Caribbean rum from Trinidad; restless in spirit, with a purpose to fuel curiosity and inspire creativity for those with a taste for rum.

Untold is enhanced with natural spices, including orange oil, cinnamon, clove and ‘essence of Islay’, drawing out smoky undertones.

Untold’s creation comes at a time when rum demand has amplified. Rum sales in Australia have increased by 6.4%, with Spiced Rum sales growing by 9.7% over the last 12 months - an industry that is currently worth over $140 million.

The ‘Restlessness’ launch aims to fuel curiosity and encourage experimentation, by drawing inspiration from restless ‘UN’ words that capture the UNtold spirit. From unruly to unexpected, untamed to uncaged, bartenders and artists will be given no restraints in their unexplored creations.

“Untold is a unique, unconventional and ever evolving – ‘Rum for the Restless’ will see myself, Oscar Eastman and Natalie Ng create new takes on our favourite classics” says Untold creator Dave Kerr. “And, best of all, these recipes can be easily replicated.”

Untold is available in a bottled Caribbean Spiced Rum spirit and has launched a range of premixed offerings, including Untold & Cola and Untold & Ginger Beer. Untold is available from leading liquor retailers Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland and selected independents retailers and venues.


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