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Australia wins top award at Saperavi World Prize

Australia wins top award at Saperavi World Prize

Cirami Estate 2015 Saperavi has taken out the Grand Gold Prize at the Saperavi World Prize Awards.

The "SapPrize' is designed to celebrate Saperavi, Georgia's most iconic varietal.

Georgia is considered to be the world's cradle of wine and has been making it for more than 8000 years. But it's only been more recently that other countries have started planting the grape. 

“An interesting fact is that the winning wine Cirami Estate is produced not by a winery but by a non-profit organization called Riverland Vine Improvement Committee, and the wine is called after Richard Cirami, a pioneer in vine selection there”, commented Alexander Kaffka, head of SapPrize organising committee.

RWIC manager David Nitschke told The Weekly Times winning bronze at the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show in 2012 inspired the committee to test its saperavi internationally.

“As a part of our business we like to investigate the potential of alternative varieties and certainly saperavi was one we’ve been working with since 2008,” Nitschke said.

The winemaker behind the winning wine, Eric Semmler, from 919 Wines, said the result in Georgia was proof of Riverland’s ability to produce award-winning wine.

The winner of the Grand Silver Prize was McGregor Vineyard’s Black Russian Red 2010 Saperavi from the US.

Winemaker John McGregor commented: “We are so honored to receive such recognition. We planted these grapes in 1980 and were the first commercial Saperavi producers in the United States. It is wonderful to see confirmation of my father’s belief that Saperavi could grow here in New York and make world class wines”.

The Grand Bronze Prize was awarded to Lagyl Arba Saperavi 2013 from Kazakhstan.

Australian wines picked up a swag of medals at the Awards:

>> Alex Russell Wines - Saperavi 2015 Alejandro Saperavi (Gold)

>> Alex Russell Wines - Saperavi 2016 Alejandro Saperavi (Silver)

>> Anderson Winery - 2015 Anderson Saperavi (Gold)

>> Ballandean Estate Wines - Messing About Saperavi Granite Belt GI 2015 (Gold)

>> Bassham Wines - Saperavi Dry Red 2015 (Gold)

>> Billy Button Wines - Billy Button The Squid Saperavi 2015 (Silver)

>> G Patritti & Co - Patritti Barossa Valley Saperavi  2015 (Gold)

>> G Patritti & Co - Patritti, Barossa Valley Saperavi  2014 (Silver)

>> Gapsted Wines - Limited Release Sparkling Saperavi NV (Gold)

>> Gapsted Wines - Limited Release Saperavi 2015 (Gold)

>> Hugh Hamilton Wines - 'Oddball the Great' Saperavi 2014 (Gold)

>> Ridgemill Estate - 2015 Ridgemill Estate Saperavi (Gold)

>> Ridgemill Estate - 2014 Ridgemill Estate Saperavi (Bronze)

>> Symphony Hill Wines - Symphony Hill Wines Reserve Saperavi 2016 (Gold)

Click here to find out more about the SapPrize


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