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LG unveils Nespresso style home-brewing machine

LG unveils Nespresso style home-brewing machine

LG has created a home-brewing machine that makes beer using capsules similar to those used in Nespresso machines.

The company unveiled the HomeBrew system prototype on Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The machine uses a set of single-use capsules containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavouring. They are placed into the machine, then the owner presses the button to start the brewing process. The mix brews for two weeks and creates around five litres of beer, or about 10 pints.

An LG spokesperson said the machine "automatically sanitizes using nothing more than hot water, ensuring everything is hygienically clean for the next batch".

The HomeBrew also has an accompanying app that users can check the status of their beer on. The app will also notify users when their beverage is ready.

LG's senior vice president of marketing, David Vanderwaal enthused: "HomeBrew produces the drink you love, with a single touch of a button and none of the hassle."

News Corp, which travelled to the CES as a guest of LG, wasn't sure how the concept would be received in Australia.

"But the question remains whether beer-drinking Australians would get excited about such a thing," writer Nick Whigham noted. 

"LG has been talking to Aussie retailers but it’s unclear if the contraption will ever make it to our shores. After all, do Australians want to drink beer brewed from capsules in their home? I don’t know."


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